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     Are you or a family member having a difficult time getting going with mental health/psychiatric treatment planning? Are you a professional who would like some tips and tricks to better help your clients/patients? Schedule a personal one on one phone consultation to give you the knowledge and tools to navigate what can otherwise be an arduous and frustrating experience. I have over 25 years of practice in a wide variety of settings.

    Community Events

    From time to time I will be hosting live online video events where I will be speaking on a topic related to mental health and taking questions submitted online.

    What Others Have Said

     "Best Dr here in Morris park or the five boros (if you ask me).. if you are looking for compassionate dr's who take their time and are understanding look nowhere else. Dr. Hayden and his staff are the best of the best!!!! I feel like they care about my well being which is sooooo rare with other dr's. Maybe sometimes never happens. Ruth Warwick who works with him is the best therapist I ever had. Thank you so much!"--from a Goggle online review.

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    While I do not provide direct mental health services on this site, want you to have the best treatment plan possible, and by listening to you I hope to rejuvenate your own efforts.


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    Who We Are

    What I do.


    •  I am a practicing psychiatrist who has built his reputation treating thousands of patients over past 28 years since arriving in New York from Kentucky to start my residency in psychiatry in the Bronx, New York. I have seen how so many of my patients became bruised and battered by a health care system that takes too long if ever to meet their legitimate mental health needs. This initiative is about coaching people into care and reducing the needless heartache that occurs when people finally take that step go get help.

    My Focus


    • I want to hear about you, your family member, or your client/patient to help them collaborate more effectively with their treatment providers to arrive at a diagnostic and treatment plan that meets their mental health needs. In this consultative service I will not be directly providing medical services, but I want to coach you on how to get the best care. If you are not yet in care, I will help you find providers suitable for your needs.

    My Promise


    • After our 30 minute phone or video session you will feel that your frustration level is easing and you can see your way toward getting the best mental healthcare for you or your family member or client/patient. In certain cases I will directly intervene on your behalf to try to get things on or back on track.


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    The value of mental health care


    Depression & Anxiety

    • Depression and anxiety are quite closely-related, with various scenarios in their evolution. In some cases anxiety leads to depression, in others depression leads to anxiety, and in some cases they seem to have independent beginnings.



    Trauma & PTSD

    • Trauma-related disorders result form the dis-integration and fragmenting of the mind, in the service of preserving the individuals sanity, albeit in a weakened state. After the war, or the abuse, or the natural disaster, once basic conditions of safety have been established, specialized types of psychotherapy are helpful in supporting the healing process, which is constantly trying to re-integrate the various parts of the self.



    • Relationships are grist for the mill of human development. They are powerful as drugs in causing changes in the brain both positive and negative. Psychotherapy is an example of a specialized form of relationship, within which real brain and behavior change can occur. Medication is best used to leverage the power of psychotherapy rather than by itself.


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